How To Pay

To make your booking easy, secure and effitient, we accept three major ways of payment and you can choose any one of them that you prefer;

The order of the below payment methods are in the ascending order of transfer service fees.
1. Bank Transfer: Approximately around CNY200-300 per transaction and for detail please inquire your bank, we recommend you use this method if your payment is above US$1500. (Lowest)
2. Online Credit Card Instant Payment:
Charges 3.8% of the total amount. (Medium)
3. PayPal:
Charges 4% of the total amount. (highest)


Important Note:

l There always have some difference in payment due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rate, so we refer to the update exchange rate at the deposit receipt to us.

l All the bank or paypal service fee should be covered from your side, usually they charge 4% of service fee.

1.      Bank Transfer:


Bank transfer charges comparatively cheaper service fee than other ways of payment, it usually takes 3-5 working days to receive the payment on our account, so we suggest this for those who book the tour more than 20 days in advance.

Our Bank Account in English:

Bank Name:         Bank Of China

Branch :                 Tibet Lhasa


Bank Account:   6217857900001602944(US Dollar and Yuan)

Beneficiary:        CI DAN LANG JIE     +86 15289113564



Bank Name:    Bank of China

Branch:             Tibet Lhasa West Linkuo Road No. 7

Bank Line:       104770006003

Bank Tel.          (+86) 0891-6835078

Post Code:        850000

* After you made the money transfer, please send us a scan copy of the bank transfer receipt to confirm your booking and then we will book your tickets and other tour arrangement accordingly.

2. Credit Card Instant Payment:
We accept Visa Card and MasterCard payment, this online payment system is secure and fast, you can fill your credit card and billing address and complete the payment without disclosing your information.
Please contact your travel consultant for detail of this payment and we will provide you detail links and information that you can access to our online payment page.
Note: This doesn’t accept Chinese credit card for the time, so please use non-chinese credit cards. It charges 3.8% service fees.


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