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Fair deal Tibet Tours is a bona-fide travel operator formed by the local Tibetan guides. All the guides and consultants here are local Tibetans who are well experienced in the Tibet tourism sector and have an in-depth knowledge about Tibetan culture, climate, hotels and all destinations for tours in Tibet. With over 10 years of travel expertise and experience of handling and designing tours in the Tibet under our belt, we utterly recognize what it takes to plan a perfect tour for our clients.

Despite the strict restrictions caused by political upheaval and natural mishaps, we make sure that the tour goes smoothly and as planned for an unparalleled travel experience without any hassle . We are always happy to share our knowledge and let you experience the authentic Tibetan lifestyle and history . We understand our customer’s concern and always deliver on our promises. Be it special tailor made tours, budget travelling, family holidays, honeymoons or adventure tours, we can make it in a click for you anytime.

Book your Tibet tour with Fair deal Tibet Tours, and let our travel specialists give you the holiday of your dreams.

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