Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you, the passenger, and us, Fair Deal Tibet Tours. By booking a trip, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. These terms affect your rights to sue, governing law, forum, and jurisdiction; please be sure to carefully read these terms and make sure you understand your rights and obligations and our rights and obligations.

Also, these terms and conditions will be stated in the Tour Contract which we will send you after we confirm all the reservations and arrangements. In the tour contract, we will list all arrangements of your tour as well, and will need your re-confirmation on all items that shall be stated. Following is a special statement about the tour contract that will be sent to you before your Tibet tour officially starts.

*** Special Statement about the Tour Contract:

After receiving the contract, your immediate response to it is significantly important and necessary. If you feel there are points need to revise, please do not hesitate to let us know and discuss it with your tour consultant to make a consensus. While, if there is nothing needs to modify, and you agree the whole thing on the contract, please just sign your name and the date in the following proper places and then send us the copy of this signed page either by email or fax. Or if you are not convenient to have access to any scanner or fax, you will need to confirm with us that you accept this contract in writing (by email, etc.) and herein agree to complete the contract signing upon your arrival in Lhasa. But, if you fail to respond to this contract (neither contact the tour consultant nor sign the contract), we will regard that you fully agree on and accept all the points and items listed on this contract, and Fair Deal Tibet Tours shall not be responsible for any consequences hereof caused due to your negligence

· Reservations
· Payments
· Cancellations
· Refunds
· Passports and Visas
· Responsibility
· Complaints and Claims
· Air Arrangements
· Medical Issues

Reservations back

1) Land Tours: A deposit of $100 per person is required to secure your reservation. To secure reservations on a trip departing within 15 days, a full payment is required at the time of booking.

2) It is highly recommended that your tour reservation be made 30 days prior to the actual traveling date. A full payment by credit card is required 15 days prior to your actual arrival date.

3) When your booking is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation letter informing you with the proposed flights, hotels, and tours in details. If any conditions should change after the confirmation, Fair Deal Tibet Tours reserves the right to make changes and provide you with the similar alternative options.

Payment back

We accept three ways of payment:

1) Credit Card;
2) Wire transfer (bank transfer);
3) Western Union transfer.

Detailed payment guide will be sent to you via email by your travel consultant.

*Important note about the exchange rate:

The quote we provide is in Chinese currency-RMB, the equivalent quote in USD is based on current exchange rate between the RMB and the USD. The quote we provide in USD is subject to exchange rate of the day you do the payment.

Cancellation back

We would feel sorry if you decided to cancel your trip to Tibet, however we understand it is compelled against your will.

– After the trip has commenced, we are unable to refund any amount for unused services due to your early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours. Furthermore, if you want to rebook the new programs instead, you will pay the surcharge.

– If you must cancel your trip, you must do so in writing. We will not accept cancellations made by phone call. Cancellation charges will be calculated as of the date we receive your cancellation. Cancellation charges and refunds shall be calculated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and Fair Deal Tibet Tours ‘s cancellation policy. If you are due a refund, you first must return your air tickets and train tickets if applicable to Fair Deal Tibet Tours. Any applicable refunds will be returned to you by west union or wire transfer, and processed within 30 days of receipt of your cancellation.

All cancellations made are subject to a non-refundable fee of US$ 100. This fee reflects only Fair Deal Tibet Tours operator’s costs of administering a reservation.

Cancellation Charges for Land Tours:

Prior to departure Charge back
30 days or more US$ 100/PP
15-29 days 30% of land tour costs
8-14 days 50% of land tour costs
4-7 days 70% of land tour costs
3 days and No show up 100% of land tour costs

Passports, Visas and Tibet Travel Permits back

A valid passport is required for foreign citizens traveling to and in China. You should contact the appropriate consular office for to apply for a China visa, as Fair Deal Tibet Tours is not responsible for providing you with this information or documentation. But if necessary, Fair Deal Tibet Tourscan provide invitation letter to help you apply for the visa – but only if you have paid the deposit.

To travel to Tibet, special entry permits are required. Please read carefully about how to get the Tibet travel permits.

Travel Permit – Tibet Entry Permit (Tibet visa)

When you fly from any city to Lhasa you will need to show this permit when you check in at the airport. Furthermore, whenever you buy a flight to Lhasa you need to show this permit. Travel permits are also needed by groups traveling by Land Cruiser but this will be arranged by the travel agency organizing the trip. Here is a picture of Travel permit (click on the picture to enlarge):

This article comes from www.fairdealtibettours.com Please reprint the form of annotated links to the source. URL: http://www.fairdealtibettours.com/travel-permit/

Once again we would like to remind you that WE DO NOT SELL THE PERMIT. Any direct or indirect purchase of it by the action that tourists do not abide by the legal regulations of the Tibet Tourism Bureau and travel to the places which are not written on the Permit, will be prohibited.

Responsibility back

According to the Tibet government’s policies, diplomats, journalists, and government officials should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government. Fair Deal Tibet Tours will not arrange any travel service for these kinds of people. If any one of your party is of one of the above occupations, please contact the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet government directly. If we found (from your passport) any one of your party is a diplomat or a journalist or a government official upon your arrival, we will have to send you back immediately, or transfer you to Foreign Affairs Office.

The responsibility of Fair Deal Tibet Tours and its affiliated companies is strictly limited. As a tour operator, Fair Deal Tibet Tours organizes, promotes, and sells tour programs consisting of certain travel services, including surface, air, and water transportation, sightseeing excursions, and cruise/hotel accommodations that Fair Deal Tibet Tours purchases or reserves from various suppliers. Fair Deal Tibet Tours does not own or operate any of these Suppliers. The Suppliers providing travel services for Fair Deal Tibet Tours ’s tour programs are independent contractors, and are not agents or employees of Fair Deal Tibet Tours. As such, Fair Deal Tibet Tours is not responsible for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any supplier or of any third party. Some tours include visits to shops and merchants. Fair Deal Tibet Tours is not responsible for any purchases you make during your trip, whether that merchant is part of the scheduled itinerary or not. By utilizing the travel services of the Suppliers, you agree that you will look to such Suppliers for any accident, injury, property damage, or personal loss to you or to those traveling with you, and that neither Fair Deal Tibet Tours nor any representative of Fair Deal Tibet Tours shall be liable.

Without limitation, Fair Deal Tibet Tours is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property, death, delay, or inconvenience in connection with the provision of, or failure to provide, any goods or services occasioned by or resulting from—but not limited to—acts of God or force majeure, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, mechanical or other failure of airplanes of other means of transportation or for the failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time, sanitation problems, lack of medical care, or for any other cause beyond the direct control of Fair Deal Tibet Tours. Nor is Fair Deal Tibet Tours responsible for the stolen and lost of your valuable items due to your own negligence.

The tour program is fixed, and the price is based on it, if you want to add any additional item, please contact your travel consultant first and you need to pay for the surcharge if there is any. Fair Deal Tibet Tours reserves the right to refuse the unreasonable demands. After the trip has commenced, Fair Deal Tibet Tours are unable to refund any amount for unused services due to your early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours, or any other reason because of yourself. Furthermore, if you want to rebook the new programs instead, you will pay the surcharge.

All the price quotations listed on the website of Fair Deal Tibet Tours are based on English speaking tour guide, if you want other language speaking guide, please tell your requirement to your tour consultant first, and you need to pay for the surcharge according to the guide fee schedules.

Fair Deal Tibet Tours reserves the right to substitute hotels of similar quality at any time or to make changes in itinerary of similar quality, flights, or cruise ships, or to cancel the tour prior to departure. If Fair Deal Tibet Tours has cancelled any tour prior to the commencement of the tour, Fair Deal Tibet Tours is liable for a full refund of the money received by Fair Deal Tibet Tours. If you purchase an airline ticket separately, ensure that your agent explains the conditions under which the tickets are issued as Fair Deal Tibet Tours is not responsible for such airline ticket cancellation fees.

You must be out of Tibet before your Tibet permit expires, if not, you need to suffer the consequences. Fair Deal Tibet Tours is not responsible for your safety or any of your activities or actions during that period. And if there is any direct or indirect economic loss of our company caused by you, you are legally to pay us back.

Due to the special geographical conditions in Tibet, sometime your tour itinerary must be changed in case of road collapse, road construction, military or government injunction, etc. If any extra cost incurred in such cases, the passengers are responsible to pay for the extra cost.

Complaints and Claims back

Whenever you feel unsatisfied with any service Fair Deal Tibet Tours has provided, please inform your local tour guide or your travel consultant immediately to avoid similar problems happening again either before or during your trip. Some times the disputes or the problem could be solved prompt and your telephone fee is to be refunded if there is any. However, if you, for some reason, do not tell your Tibet Consultant on the occasion when it happens, we will consider you have no complaints at all. Hence any demands after the tour will be considered as the ineffective ones.

If you want to complain or claim for compensation, you must inform us by email, regular mail, or facsimile in writing within 15 days upon your finish of your tour. Please attach relevant receipts and substantiating evidence to the letter of claim. Fair Deal Tibet Tours will not be liable for any claims made later than 15 days after you finish your tour.

Air Arrangements back

Any penalties resulting from flight changes at your request after flights are ticketed will be your responsibility. If you cancel your trip after receiving your tickets, you must return your tickets to Fair Deal Tibet Tours before your refund (if applicable) is processed.

Air routings are subject to availability. Routings cannot be guaranteed, and are subject to change at any time. Fair Deal Tibet Tours is not responsible if an airline cancels or delays a flight. If that occurs, you should work with the airline to ensure you arrive at your destination. Fair Deal Tibet Tours will not provide any refund for portions of trips missed due to cancelled or delayed flights. If an air schedule requires an overnight stay in a gateway city, Fair Deal Tibet Tours can assist with hotel reservations; however, if a flight requires a layover, overnights are at your expense.

Medical back

You must advise us in writing, at or prior to booking, of any physical, emotional or mental condition which may require professional attention during the trip or may require the use of special equipment. If you fail to disclose any such conditions, Fair Deal Tibet Tours may refuse to allow you to take the trip and you will forfeit the trip cost; and in such event we shall have no liability, financial or otherwise.

If you are so challenged, you must bring and be responsible for all necessary items related to your condition. If any such condition arises after the trip is booked, you must advise us in writing immediately. Failure to advise us shall release Fair Deal Tibet Tours and all professional personnel from any liability related to such condition or its treatment.

If you require a wheelchair, you must provide your own small, collapsible wheelchair. Certain features, and certain trips, are not wheelchair-accessible. We cannot guarantee any wheelchair assistance or accessibility in international destinations. Fair Deal Tibet Tours reserves the right to decline any trip participant whose condition, in our opinion, may affect the health, safety or enjoyment of other participants.

Fair Deal Tibet Tours is not responsible for the costs of any medical treatment you may require during the trip. Under no circumstances is Fair Deal Tibet Tours responsible for the quality of medical care, or lack thereof, you may receive while on the trip.

The place of Arbitral Organization and the Court:

Both you and our company agree to appoint Arbitral Organization located in China for the disputes which we both sides cannot solve them by negotiations. And the Court of Law close to Access Tibet Tour & Service, Inc or its sub-branch is agreed to be appointed for the legal settlement.

Your eventual and actual payment to us means that you have agreed and accepeted the Terms and Conditions.

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