What Make us Different ?

  1. GUARANTEED DEPARTURE: Even if there is only a single Tourist in the group, we still ensure and guarantee departure for the one. (need to confirm 60 days advanced.)


  1.  5% OFF FOR EARLY BIRDS:  5% off for the early birds who book for 3 months in advance.


  1. UPTO 8 TOURISTS IN A GROUP:   The groups can add up upto 8 tourists in a single group to maintain service quality & avoid  mass tourism


  1. NO FORCED SHOPPING:  Definitely No forced shopping or tourist trap


  1. NO HIDDEN CHARGES:   No hidden charges are complied at all.


  1. ONLY LOCAL TIBETAN TO GUIDE THE TOUR: Only and only local Tibetans to guide you through out the tour to explore the region and culture at the best and reach its community.


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